Impact of the Executive Order on Immigration

We are shocked and extremely concerned about Trump's restriction of travel for residents of several Muslim-majority nations, including holders of H1B visas and green cards. Among other impacts, this ban has the effect of making it impossible for academics from these countries to attend scientific meetings in the United States. This situation is unacceptable, and undermines the critical contributions of open, international dialog to scientific progress. 

This ban also has a direct impact on CUNY 2017, as members of our community may be unable to attend the conference, or choose not to attend in solidarity with their colleagues. We do not plan to cancel or relocate the conference, in part for practical reasons (the conference is under 2 months away) and in part because we do not want this ban to succeed in stifling American and worldwide scientific activity. Conferences everywhere in the world are affected by this ban, as affected visa/green card holders who live in the US will also be unable to travel outside the country until they know they will be readmitted.

Instead, we will provide remote access for any attendees who are unable to attend in person because of the ban, and online access to video of all talks at CUNY 2017. In addition, we are providing a central repository for presenters to upload their posters and talk slides, and we strongly urge all presenters to take advantage of this option to make their work available to scientists from all countries. 

We encourage organizers of other scientific meetings to join us in making their conferences accessible to colleagues from all countries, and to call for the immediate halt to all provisions of the Executive Order.

Ted Gibson
Idan Blank
Evelina Fedorenko
Richard Futrell
Melissa Kline
Rachel Ryskin