Workshop Program

Searching for cognitive universals: evidence from remote societies


Wednesday 3/29

MIT Room 10-250

8:45 AM Introduction
Edward Gibson
9:00 AM The emergence of grammar
Dan Everett (Bentley University)
9:20 AM Comment by Colin Phillips (University of Maryland)
9:40 AM What can you say without syntax?
Ray Jackendoff (Tufts University)
10:00 AM Comment by Steve Levinson (MPI)
10:20 AM Break
Coffee provided
10:50 AM Language and time
Lera Boroditsky (UCSD)
11:10 AM Comment by Melissa Kline (MIT)
11:30 AM Cross-Cultural Variation in Music Perception: Evidence from Native Amazonians
Josh McDermott (MIT)
11:50 AM Comment by Ev Fedorenko (MIT)
12:10 PM Lunch break
2:10 PM The real preschoolers of Orange County. . . and what they know about numbers
Barbara Sarnecka (UC Irvine)
2:30 PM Comment by Julian Jara Ettinger (Yale University)
2:50 PM Core foundations for mathematics: Perspectives from research in remote cultures
Elizabeth Spelke (Harvard University)
3:10 PM Comment by Moira Dillon (Harvard University)
3:30 PM The acquisition of number and counting in the Tsimane' from the Bolivian Amazon
Julian Jara Ettinger (Yale University)
3:50 PM Comment by Yi Ting Huang (University of Maryland)
4:10 PM Break
Coffee provided
4:40 PM Color language reflects color use
Bevil Conway (NIH)
5:00 PM Comment by Lera Boroditsky (UCSD)
5:20 PM Semantic typology and efficient communication
Terry Regier (UC Berkeley)
5:40 PM Comment by Richard Futrell (MIT)
6:00 PM Workshop over